So, who is Björn Lennartsson?

The short version

I am a plain ol’ web developer and a Wantrepreneur (hence the name of this blog).

Slightly longer version

I work mostly with .NET, Ruby on Rails and frontend stuff like javascript (read jQuery), HTML and CSS.

He who should not be named anymore has two companies: PALOOZA and RATHER UNIQUE

Dinero$ to afford food (& wine!) as well as social interaction I get from working at ISOTOP. We are a bunch of “cool” tech-nerds which I love working with!

I get inspired by people who work with what they <3 and produce stuff that other people LOVE

Concept of this website

My goal with this blog is to write some high quality shiznitch! However, I will also use this blog just to remember stuff for my own sake, so if you find some posts looking like jibberish, don’t be angry at me (pretty please, with sugar on top).

Most posts will probably be of tech/entrepreneur-nature, but I will also write about stuff that just makes me smile at the moment and good-good wines.