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Mod Rewrite Online Test Tool

Everyone who has worked with rewrites knows that it can be a pain in the ass to get it right sometimes. I was working with some rewrites for a client and got tired of testing live on the server. Looked around a while on StackOverflow…

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Git Cheat Sheet

Today is my 30th birthday. For this I will give all of you a little present which I’ve been working on. The ULTIMATE Git cheat sheet! Enjoy Download Git Cheat Sheet (PDF)

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Addon: Rename a tab in Firefox

A colleague of mine recommended this nifty plugin which will make it possible for you to change the name of a specific tab in Firefox. Pretty sweet when you are switching between dev/stage/live sites constantly. Get TabRenamizer here.

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How-to: Change your default git editor

If you are like me you have probably forgot to write a commit message on one of your commits in the past. When you do that git opens up an editor, in most cases something like Vim which for a newbie like myself is completely…

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