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Only allow a certain role to see MiniProfiler results – MVC .NET

I am a big fan of MiniProfiler. It is perfect for development to see that you keep your code at best performance. However, wouldn’t it be nice to have the results available on your live server too? I thought so and here’s how to get…

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Convert a LinkItemCollection to a list of PageData in EPiServer 7

I found a nice little snippet from Joel Abrahamsson on how to convert a LinkItemCollection to a list of PageDatas instead. So I used his code as a base to update it to EPiServer 7.

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Minifying & bundling CSS/Javascript in .NET

It all started a while ago with a little speed test on my dating site Vibbar when I was refactoring some code there. In the heat of the moment (long nights pre-release) I hadn’t minified nor bundled any of the CSS/javascript we are using there, resulting…

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